WANA was established because we know first-hand that there are thousands of unparalleled creative minds in each African country with the potential to push cultural boundaries far outside their current capacity.

WANA will provide mentoring, scholarships and eventually space at WANA HQ for designers, artists, musicians and photographers.

The role of WANA is too amplify and empower through working with Ugo, the Executive Management team and their far reaching global network of leaders and creators. WANA HQ, a space to be filled with studios, will be an environment where visionary talent will be encouraged to experiment, to engage, to inspire and to create.

This is how the world sees Africa

This is what the world doesn’t see

Change the VISION

Change the MESSAGE

Change the METHODS

Change the WORLD


Currently Africa makes up 17% of the world’s population yet garners less than a 5% share of the global GDP and over 50% of the population exists in extreme poverty. Africa is the foreign investment fast growth final frontier but little of those monies are ‘trickling down’ enough to tangibly effect the economic wellness of the people Disproportionately impacted by lack of resources, education, and opportunity are disadvantaged youth and women. Their abilities and potential are not appropriately recognized nor realized so they cannot contribute as fully as they might to the transformation of society.

17% of the world’s population


Less than a 5% share of the global GDP


Over 50% population lives in extreme poverty.