Budget Breakdown for the setup of a full service entertainment company in Lagos, Nigeria.


The Nigerian music industry is the biggest and most vibrant in Africa. But even with the growing success of the industry, the artists still haven’t been able to fully take advantage of the vast opportunities they have and monetize them properly. This peculiarity should not be so considering that African music is now penetrating globally, which shows that the industry is growing creatively, but this growth is not reflected in the sector of management. The major goal of this project is to create a world-class talent management company that is well structured enough to fully exploit creative African talent financially. In the long run this project seeks to act as a bridge connecting African talent to Hollywood and vice versa, we would touch on this more later in the document.

Key Person

Ugo Mozie is an internationally known fashion consultant and entrepreneur. Ugo has creative directed and styled for several top acts such as Chris Brown, Travis Scott, Justin Beiber etc. In the course of working with global superstars such as these, Ugo not only gained the experience required, to guide a talented artist to get to that level of success, but he also gained the contact list required to make it happen. With a formal education in Marketing and business law, he has been able to transform his clients careers through strategic creative management and brand direction.


Our strategy is very straightforward, for fresh talents we start with an incubator/development process for upcoming Fashion designers and musicians. The idea is to create an image and a sound/aesthetic, Develop a unique and consistent brand that can work internationally, then setting up a structure and sustainable business to properly monetize the talent. We shall elaborate further on how we intend to incubate fresh talent into success in a different document.

Way to go about it. That’s of what implied above when we stated we would serve as a bridge between Hollywood and Africa.

Basically in summary our structure comprises of a machinery to push our talents to brands they’re interested in and also to push brands to talents they’re interested in.

Our activations would be done in form of formal/informal event and press publications. The real activation would complete when the first project we push for our fresh talent penetrates.